Wootten Home Inspections
Electrical outlets and light circuits are tested for correct wiring and proper operation. The main panel is inspected for potential safety problems. GFCI outlets are tested for proper operation.
The thermostat is checked for proper operation and level installation.
Doors and windows are checked for operation, properly functioning counter weight system, good sealing.
All windows and doors should lock securely.
The burners and oven are checked for proper operation.
The attic is checked for insulation, signs of past or present leaks, wiring problems and proper ventilation.
All smoke detectors are checked for proper operation.
Sinks are checked for leaks in drains and water lines. Any past or present water damage is noted.
The exterior is inspected for wood rot, weather damage and area for potential water entry.
A complete report is generated on the computer providing a thorough assessment of the structure.