Wootten Home Inspections

Questions to ask your Realtor or Mortgage Banker about their Home Inspector recommendation.

  • Have other customers used this Home Inspector?
  • Were those customers happy with the Inspector?
  • Was the Inspector knowledgeable about the systems being checked in the house?
  • Did the Inspector take the time to address their questions thoroughly?
  • Did the customer receive a comprehensive, detailed written report at the conclusion of the inspection?
  • Was the Inspector available to answer follow-up questions by telephone and / or email?
  • Have there been any complaints from other customers about the Inspector?
  • Is the Inspector licensed by the state to conduct structural inspections?
  • What background and experience does the Inspector provide to the customer?

Remember ... the Inspector is working for you, the buyer - and should present a fair, unbiased and comprehensive report about the condition of the home. You should feel free to inspect credentials, references and ask questions. A qualified Home Inspector dedicated to good service will be happy to respond.